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With that being said, if you want to see concrete proof that playing at Jet Bingo can (and does) bring quick financial windfalls, then have a look at these testimonials from real Jet Bingo winners…

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crash274  won  $1,000  on    at  Jet Bingo

Hiii Jet Bingo! It’s crash274 talking to you from Ontario, Canada. Here I am, sitting on my deck in front of my laptop doing the thing I love to do and that’s playing bingo on your website. I also really love the slot machines. I just recently won a thousand on Galaxy of Riches and I’m so excited. It’s for Christmas. So thank you very much for that. I love the chat games. I love the surprise e-mails. I love the VIP treatment. Anybody out there who loves bingo and loves these gamings like I do… give it a try. – it is the best. And now I gotta go back and play games. Bye! ”
– crash274
28blondie  won  $666.66  on    at  Jet Bingo

Hey! I’m 28blondie. I’ve been playing Jet Bingo for about 2 months now but my great experience was when I won $666.66 in a Mega Bingo jackpot shared between three people. I love the slot games – they have the free spins and the bonus rounds but my favourite is bingo. You can have conversations with other people, win hot seats (which is a dollar and two dollars put into your account), BB points (which you can only use on bingo and Blingo), and there is also a jackpot and mega jackpot. And also, you get emailed with bonuses up to $100 put into your account. So if this has solved all your queries about which site to go to, head to, and hope to see you there. ”
– 28blondie
winston54  has  been  playing  at  Jet Bingo  for  2  years

Hi everyone, I’m winston54! And I’ve been playing bingo and the slots at Jet Bingo for a couple of years now, and I have to tell you, I really love it. I like the fact that it’s very friendly – more like a little club than a casino. I like how they remember people’s names and events that happen. I always look forward to going on. I like the games. I think there’s a good selection. And I think that the amounts of money that can be won are really fantastic. I also like the bonuses because I think that gives back something to those of us that perhaps spend quite a bit of money… and I really like that! And if I get bonuses and that’s all the more time I can play, and they never don’t make you give it all back. But, in the couple of years that I’ve been playing, I’ve had a really lovely time. And I have my favourite games… but every now and then I try to do some of the other ones. In particular, I suppose I like the smaller games than some of the big ones. But generally, I really like visiting Jet Bingo. I enjoy being recognized when I sign in and I think it’s a very friendly environment and also a safe environment. And of course, the deposits are very quick and the withdrawals I think are organized in a reasonable amount of time. And it’s much better than a lot of the bigger casinos. So, from winston54 to all of you out there, we really love visiting, and again, you’ll see us soon! Thank you! Byeee. ”
– winston54
JadeSwan  has  been  playing  at  Jet Bingo  for  6  months

Are you looking for a safe and secure place to play bingo online? You wanna know your money’s safe right? Well look no further than Not only is it safe and secure, but I reckon they’ve got the best gaming facilities online. We’ve got bingo, slots, keno, roulette, and that’s just to name a few. I’ve been playing here for about 6 months. My name’s JadeSwan. So why don’t you come ‘n play with us at ”
– JadeSwan
goldgranny  has  been  playing  at  Jet Bingo  for  5  years

Hi! I’m goldgranny. I’ve been playing on Jet Bingo for approximately 5 years. My husband is a truck driver so this site entertains me all day long and most of my evenings. I love playing [Blackbeard’s] Booty and I love being on chat. Chatting with everybody entertains my evenings. So let’s get on chat and join up for [inaudible] and make me purple! ”
– goldgranny
bear1969  won  $XXX  playing  at  Jet Bingo

Hey Jet Bingo! It’s bear1969 here to say I love Jet Bingo. The bingo, slots, mini games… I wanna challenge anybody out there who loves bingo to join I’m so excited when I win! Give it a try. You even get a bonus when you sign up. Jet Bingo’s the best! ”
– bear1969
jirul  won  $XXX  on    at  Jet Bingo

As far back as I can remember….. Ive been around bingo…. I used to go with my Mum, Grandmother, Nanna and Aunties….. Since my Mum, Grandmother and Nanna have passed away….. Bingo on the internet has taken off…… and I LOVE IT….. and I know they would have too!!! Like a big JET ….. yes!!! JETBINGO!! cmon green pushhhhhhhhh…. purple purple purple [playing bingo] YESSSSSSSSS!!!! ty ty ty JETBINGO…. gl gl gl gl to all my rooomies …… ty ty ty to all the chat hosts :) Username jirul in honour of BINGO … Thanks to Jetbingo … All Roomies … All Chat Hosts … and not forgetting Ace … BINGO!!! ”
– jirul

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  1. Catarina says:

    Been playing this game on and off for the past few years and it will never get old love this game.

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    Love playing this game, but would like to win Big. Who wouldn’t, right?

  3. Shirl says:

    One of my favourites.

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    I really like it, even my hunny enjoys it.

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    This is the best game I have ever played. I love this so much I taught my grandma how to play it and she loves it as well.

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    I love this game. Definitely the best pokies on the Internet.

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    Loving this game! Certainly worth playing!! One of the best pokies.

  8. Kaylene says:

    Addicting… Wonderful time killer.

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